This blog is a collection of everything related to food, drinks, my published articles in the newspapers, my cravings for food and drinks, and just about everything related to food and drinks.

But the truth is I am still trying to get past my motto of “I don’t eat strangers!” lol


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  1. Hey there,

    I just wanted to say hi and thanks for continuing to update this blog! I worked as a biologist intern on Saipan back in 2011 and found this blog so fun and helpful when it came to finding neat places to eat, and now four years later I’m the one hiring this current year’s crew of interns to send them out to Saipan to do what I did, and I’ll be passing this blog along to them as well! It’s a great resource and it’s so much fun to keep up with the great foodie scene on the island, so thanks for all your reviews and photos!



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