that sinful liquid called by many as Elixir of the gods, that powerful liquid used by millions of people in the world to start their day

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Coffee & Jazz

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FOR weeks now, I had been watching out for the opening of a new Russian restaurant in Garapan but when I passed by on Friday I saw a new sign that stated “Jazz & Coffee Bar” beside the restaurant. I just had to check the place out, which I did on Saturday evening. Read MORE...




Single origin brews at Café@Casa

Sulawesi coffee from Indonesia

Cafe @ Casa
IF you have one cup of coffee you have tried them all. Or so you think, until you try a delicious brew at the newly opened Café@Casa.  Not your ordinary coffee jaunt, Café@Casa is delightfully nestled in one of the historic structures right behind the Kristo Rai Church and overlooking the Garapan Fishing Base area. Read more…

Kafe Macadamia nut latte and Caramel Moccha latte

Pacifica Cafe
Mental blocks, those huge boulders that prevent your fingers from hitting the keyboards when deadlines are pressing in, does not choose a time and place to attack. Yesterday was no exception so off we sneaked out and drove to the second floor parking of the Hard Rock Café, rode the elevator one floor down and sought refuge from the cool confines and oh the glorious smell from Kafé Pacifica at one corner of the Duty Free Shopping in Garapan. Read more…

Zoom Cafe
Zoom Café serves a selection of hot or cold espresso, special latte, frappeno, Bingsu and fruit drinks for non-coffee lovers like yogurt smoothies and fruit juices. Zoom Cafe is located across from World Resort Saipan. Read more…


Sweet Escape is a quaint shop decorated with attractive coffee cups on the shelves, dried twigs and tree branches, and small picture frames  of coffee on the walls located near the Kristo Rai Church in Garapan. Read more

Foremost Coffee

Foremost Blend
IF a delicious cup of coffee is part of your routine to kick off your morning or to perk up your afternoons at the office, in the home or wherever you are, here’s good news for you.
You can have your coffee now without having to squeeze time and drive all the way to your favorite coffee shop but you can just pick up a couple of cold cans from any grocery and major retailers in the island. Read more…


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