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Sunshine Café: Dream desserts destination


Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

SAIPAN–Bring sunshine into your palates and visit the island’s newest destination to satisfy your cravings for smacking goodness desserts, coffee, organic beverages and healthy food options in hangout you might call your second home.


Sunshine Café, located at the Coral Tree Avenue in Garapan issues a warm invitation with its pastel colored walls and comfortable, elegant and homey ambiance.

white chocolate citrus tart

white chocolate citrus tart

I’m not really a biggie on desserts but I can’t stop being curious to check out this new hangout and see what they had to offer.  The chance came unplanned two days after their soft opening. I was a bit hungry but know I couldn’t possibly finish a sandwich so I split one order with one of my buddies. I ordered soda, but one of the food staffers convinced me to try their Pineapple Boost. Albeit a bit steep at $8, it was good and a healthier option than what i originally ordered.

Sunshine Café prides itself on the mouth-watering array of specialty cakes and pastries created from local and imported ingredients, healthy snacks and food to go that caters to the different tastes of customers.

Dig into any or all of the four signature desserts created by Sunshine Café which leaves you with a craving to go back for more—Red Door Fruit Cheesecake, Raspberry Pistachio Macaroons, Chocolate Mandarin Lolly made from dark chocolate imported from Switzerland, and Lemon Citrus Tart—made from dark and white Swiss chocolates. These Sunshine Signature items are just irresistibly inviting from the shelves.


Pineapple Boost

Try the Red Door Fruit Cheesecake which I learned from the food staffers was inspired nu a restaurant in Beijing located in front of the East Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is a dessert cheesecake lovers should try.


Chocolate Mandarin Lolly

Sunshine Café also serves a selection of burgers and sandwiches like Tuna Nicoise, tarragon shallot egg salad and more, pastries, ice cream, homemade milkshakes, cookies in attractive jars and wrappings, and dainty black and white chocolate bites that you can’t ignore from the shelves.

P1420260 2

Sip a tall glass of any of the cold pressed organic juices like Green and Lean, Fruit &Vegetable, Pineapple Boost and Simply Pressed, a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables blended as you order.

The Sunshine Café menu also carries a selection of hot or iced tea including Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Affogato and Mocha, hot and iced teas, soft drinks and specialty drinks that they are expecting to be a hit with the locals—tropical fruit smoothie, caramel pumpkin spiced latte and Valrhona Sipping Chocolate. Beer, wines and sparkling wine/Champagne is also available.P1420280 2Sunshine Café’s ambiance makes anyone instantly at home, with its fusion of colors and a variety or art works and frames hanging from the walls to the plush sofa sets and brightly lit lamps. It’s a place to hang out and relax after a long day at work, or satisfy your hunger, or just while time away with your favorite drinks.

P1420283Sunshine Café is located beside Winchell’s in Garapan in front of Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan.  The Café has started to attract locals and tourists since their soft opening on April 21, 2016. For information or reservation, call 670-233-8300.


Say cheesecake

Baileys cheesecake

WHEN you hear the word “cheesecake,” two popular destinations would immediately pop up that serve the most sought-after cheesecake on Saipan—Hyatt Regency and Shenanigan’s Restaurant, both in Garapan.

An hour of unadulterated indulgence over cups of coffee and heavenly slices of cheesecakes for two consecutive nights at these two outlets rekindled the sweet cravings that I have shelved for some time.

Shenanigan's cheesecake

One night last week took two buddies and me to Shenanigans Restaurant for coffee and a slice of the restaurant’s most popular and addicting cheesecake. It was not my first time to try their cheesecake which come in several variations but with cheesecake, one could never have enough.

Shenanigan’s cheesecake comes in a heavy rectangular platter with splashes of chocolate syrup, whipped cream and orange slices—presented in such a way that would make you forget how to say no. Shenanigan’s cheesecake is made of chocolatey and fluffy soft sponge cake topped with a thick layer of fresh cream cheese. My buddy finished his cheesecake and wiped the whole plate clean down to the last morsel in minutes.

Shenanigan’s cheesecake variations are Pana Cotta cheesecake and Mascarpone Cheesecake with blueberry sauce, for $6.

On Friday evening, my two buddies and I sampled the Hyatt Regency’s famous cheesecakes with coffee at the Lobby Lounge. My buddies opted for one slice of the hotel’s blueberry cheesecake each, while I decided to have the Bailey’s cheesecake. A cheerful staffer from the DJ Corner delivered our cheesecakes at the Lobby Lounge where we were comfortably seated and we lost no time in digging into it.

The blueberry cheesecake dripped with a generous topping of blueberry puree, its sweet taste blending with the light and fluffy texture of the cake and making every bite melt in your mouth.

My Baileys cheesecake told a stronger story. Topped with macadamia nuts, each bite of the sumptuous velvety Baileys cheesecake gives you a slight flavor of Baileys in every bite—not overpowering but just a tinge of Baileys.

Cheesecakes have become a special favorite for all occasions and are available 24 hours a day at the Hyatt for $6.

Check out Shenanigan’s Restaurant and the Hyatt Regency Lobby Lounge to get a heavenly bite of cheesecake and join the growing throng of cheesecake addicts in the island. For inquiries, call Shenanigans at 233-8324 and Hyatt Regency at 234-1234.

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