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Sunshine Café: Dream desserts destination


Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

SAIPAN–Bring sunshine into your palates and visit the island’s newest destination to satisfy your cravings for smacking goodness desserts, coffee, organic beverages and healthy food options in hangout you might call your second home.


Sunshine Café, located at the Coral Tree Avenue in Garapan issues a warm invitation with its pastel colored walls and comfortable, elegant and homey ambiance.

white chocolate citrus tart

white chocolate citrus tart

I’m not really a biggie on desserts but I can’t stop being curious to check out this new hangout and see what they had to offer.  The chance came unplanned two days after their soft opening. I was a bit hungry but know I couldn’t possibly finish a sandwich so I split one order with one of my buddies. I ordered soda, but one of the food staffers convinced me to try their Pineapple Boost. Albeit a bit steep at $8, it was good and a healthier option than what i originally ordered.

Sunshine Café prides itself on the mouth-watering array of specialty cakes and pastries created from local and imported ingredients, healthy snacks and food to go that caters to the different tastes of customers.

Dig into any or all of the four signature desserts created by Sunshine Café which leaves you with a craving to go back for more—Red Door Fruit Cheesecake, Raspberry Pistachio Macaroons, Chocolate Mandarin Lolly made from dark chocolate imported from Switzerland, and Lemon Citrus Tart—made from dark and white Swiss chocolates. These Sunshine Signature items are just irresistibly inviting from the shelves.


Pineapple Boost

Try the Red Door Fruit Cheesecake which I learned from the food staffers was inspired nu a restaurant in Beijing located in front of the East Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is a dessert cheesecake lovers should try.


Chocolate Mandarin Lolly

Sunshine Café also serves a selection of burgers and sandwiches like Tuna Nicoise, tarragon shallot egg salad and more, pastries, ice cream, homemade milkshakes, cookies in attractive jars and wrappings, and dainty black and white chocolate bites that you can’t ignore from the shelves.

P1420260 2

Sip a tall glass of any of the cold pressed organic juices like Green and Lean, Fruit &Vegetable, Pineapple Boost and Simply Pressed, a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables blended as you order.

The Sunshine Café menu also carries a selection of hot or iced tea including Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Affogato and Mocha, hot and iced teas, soft drinks and specialty drinks that they are expecting to be a hit with the locals—tropical fruit smoothie, caramel pumpkin spiced latte and Valrhona Sipping Chocolate. Beer, wines and sparkling wine/Champagne is also available.P1420280 2Sunshine Café’s ambiance makes anyone instantly at home, with its fusion of colors and a variety or art works and frames hanging from the walls to the plush sofa sets and brightly lit lamps. It’s a place to hang out and relax after a long day at work, or satisfy your hunger, or just while time away with your favorite drinks.

P1420283Sunshine Café is located beside Winchell’s in Garapan in front of Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan.  The Café has started to attract locals and tourists since their soft opening on April 21, 2016. For information or reservation, call 670-233-8300.


Coffee, crepes and more at The Shack


Okonomiyaki, one of the must-try favorites at the SHACK

WELCOME to The Shack, the newest rave in the island where ‘hunters, fishermen, politicians and other liars are welcome.’

Although it’s still on a soft opening phase, The Shack has become a trending household word as the satisfied diners try their unique dishes and go back for more.

It was my second time to visit The Shack for lunch yesterday, and was looking forward to something new. A friend and I had The Shack’s famous Chili Beans on Rice and the equally famous dessert called “The Dentist” before.

We headed to the farthest table for two against the wall and Glen Hunter, who runs The Shack with his mother Gloria Hunter, and Glen’s brother Randy, came to assist us.

Mom Gloria’s special version of fried rice and egg during the weekends, and we decided to try that. Glen also recommended the okonomiyaki and I said yes, not knowing what it was.


The Favorite

Glen served us the fried rice topped with eggs over easy first, which we started to attack immediately. Next, he served us the Shack’s version of Okonomiyaki, a very tempting flatcake splattered with sauce and Japanese mayo and topped with bits of onion leaves and fish flakes which looked so alive like they were waving.


Shack Breakfast Akai Bowl

Although it was so tastefully served that I didn’t want to ruin the plating, I was hesitant to try it, not knowing what was inside. I watched my companion slice off a bit from the side and ate it. When he sliced another portion immediately after the first bite, I decided to try it. One bite is all it took, and we kept going at it until there was nothing left of the whole okonomiyaki. We even scraped off the remaining sauce from the plate.

Glen explained that the okonomiyaki, which is one of the most popular dishes at The Shack, literally means “what you like” and their version contains a mix of corn, mushrooms, noodles, tofu, mongo sprouts, cabbage, and more. One bite will stop you to analyze the flavor and you’ll discover it’s a bit of everything—salty, sweetish, a bit sour, a bit spicy but blended beautifully together in one savory flavor that would send you wanting for more. Glen said diners can customize the Okonomiyaki and diners can order what they want to be stuffed inside the pancake.

We were not even halfway into our meal when Glen served us another delight called The Favorite. It is a dessert made of Nutella and bananas wrapped in a think warm crepe folded into quarters and topped with whipped crème. I don’t have a sweet tooth but the empty dish is a testimony of how well we liked it.

We were already very full when Glen came again and let us try the latest breakfast treat—The Shack Breakfast Acai Bowl which is a small glass containing layers of Frozen Puree of Acai Berries and Mixed Fruit on top of layers of Homemade Kefir Yogurt topped with layers of Honey, Nut and Raisin Granola and topped with dates, banana slices and fresh strawberry slices.


Mom Gloria’s version of fried rice on egg, only at The Shack

I looked at the Shack Breakfast Acai Bowl doubtfully and voiced out that it was too small for anyone’s breakfast. Glen said that’s what everybody said, until they try it and find it even hard to finish everything off. He was right, the Acai breakfast bowl was small but it packed a punch and should never be underestimated. We capped our lunch with tall glasses of lemonade.


The Dentist, one of the most popular favorites at The Shack

The boldly warm orange tables and walls of the wooden deck and the glaring neon green chairs on the tables below the deck outside is a big contrast to the cool and simple rustic beauty inside The Shack. A sofa occupies one part of the restaurant with a low table. Sack curtains hung from the sides of the glass windows, allowing sunlight to stream inside. Paintings adorn the walls, along with books on the shelves, lamp shades and bric-a-brac on the walls. The mix of modern and antique décoration provides an overall homey ambiance of like dining or having coffee at your own home.IMG_6653

“It’s all about relaxation, of having tea, coffee and crepes and hanging out with friends and family,” Hunter said.

Every day is never the same at The Shack. Mom Gloria prepares varied lunch specials. Check out their Facebook page everyday for the lunch specials the next day.

20130810_144324 (2)Don’t miss out Mom Gloria’s special carrot cake for a sweet, moist slice of paradise. Check out the menu board for the list of crepes available. Beverages available include Espresso, Shack coffee, Shack teas, fresh lemonade, classic iced tea, beer and wines.

The Shack has ample parking spaces outside and WiFi is available free.IMG_6668 (2)

The Shack Saipan is located across from Downtown Market in San Jose, Oleai and open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. They are closed on Mondays. Credit cards are accepted. For reservations please call 235-7422.

Sunday Brunch at the Costa Restaurant

Sushi bar

IF you haven’t been to the Costa Terrace Restaurant at the Aqua Resort Club in San Roque lately, here is one reason you should go back. New changes and new dishes have been added to the popular Sunday Brunch that would guarantee to set your mouth water.

I and a companion arrived at the Costa ahead of the usual Sunday Brunch crowd yesterday for lunch, which meant the kitchen staff where just finalizing the buffet lunch displays, and I got to shoot photos of all the food when no one has dug into them yet, leaving only memories of the sumptuous dishes.

Aqua Resort Club’s Food & Beverage Operation Manager Rom E. Manzon was so accommodating, letting me shoot whatever photos I wanted and answering all my questions about the dishes.Seafood section

Aqua Resort Club’s new executive chef Yasunori Abe who was installed just last August 1 said they change some of the dishes every now and then for variation, but the regular features will remain like the roast beef, pork lechon, Sashimi section, Pasta section, seafood section and the tempura section.

The Gourmet Sunday Brunch at the Costa Restaurant includes eCosta Terrace Restaurantverything delectable that you can stuff yourself with—from appetizers, soups, salad section with a selection of Japanese and Korean dips, main dishes, desserts, pasta and noodle station, sushi and tempura, bread and cheese section, and more that you will find it hard deciding where to start and how to stop.??

A wide variety of the freshest seafood selections tastefully arranged on a wooden boat is available on a bed of ice cubes like mussels, shrimps, octopus, sashimi and crabs, with various sauces and dipping.

For beverages, have your fill of bottomless coffee, soda, fruit juices, beers, and Champagne to cap your lunch.

Aqua Resort Club’s in-house singer Bobby Prada will serenade diners with relaxing timeless songs as you take your fill of the buffet, or relax with cups of coffee or glasses of wine after a heavy brunch.

Chefs at the Tempura sectionThe clear glass windows of the Costa Terrace Restaurant offers a spectacular view of the ocean, the swimming pool, the bluest of skies, the Pool Bar and flowering plants in the beautifully-maintained gardens.

The spaciousness and relaxing ambiance of the Costa Restaurant makes you feel you can take lunch in a leisurely manner, enjoy your meal without thinking of the daily pressures and routine.

?????? H

cheese station

We did not leave right after lunch. The Aqua Resort Club lobby, poolside and gardens have always been my favorite hangout and my favorite spot to shoot photos, and I spent a good one hour taking photos. My companion was gone, and I found him dozing off at one of the plush sofas at the lobby.

The Costa Restaurant can seat up to 90 persons and up to 200 persons if extended to the Raraina Main Dining for big occasions with more guests.

“We are inviting the community to come and try our Sunday Brunch and enjoy a relaxing afternoon,” Abe said.

Costa Restaurant is open for daily breakfast buffet from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., Light & Easy Lunch Buffet from11 a.m. to 2 p.m.??

The Seafood Night Buffet is every Tuesday and Friday from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. inclusive of all-you-can-drink beers. Saturdays at the Costa are Steak & Wine nights from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. with its popular eat all you can Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye steak, plus bottomless red or white wines, and beers.

The Gourmet Champagne Sunday Brunch opens from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Credit cards are accepted. For more information please call 322-1234.

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