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Sunshine Café: Dream desserts destination


Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

Red Door Fruit Cheesecake

SAIPAN–Bring sunshine into your palates and visit the island’s newest destination to satisfy your cravings for smacking goodness desserts, coffee, organic beverages and healthy food options in hangout you might call your second home.


Sunshine Café, located at the Coral Tree Avenue in Garapan issues a warm invitation with its pastel colored walls and comfortable, elegant and homey ambiance.

white chocolate citrus tart

white chocolate citrus tart

I’m not really a biggie on desserts but I can’t stop being curious to check out this new hangout and see what they had to offer.  The chance came unplanned two days after their soft opening. I was a bit hungry but know I couldn’t possibly finish a sandwich so I split one order with one of my buddies. I ordered soda, but one of the food staffers convinced me to try their Pineapple Boost. Albeit a bit steep at $8, it was good and a healthier option than what i originally ordered.

Sunshine Café prides itself on the mouth-watering array of specialty cakes and pastries created from local and imported ingredients, healthy snacks and food to go that caters to the different tastes of customers.

Dig into any or all of the four signature desserts created by Sunshine Café which leaves you with a craving to go back for more—Red Door Fruit Cheesecake, Raspberry Pistachio Macaroons, Chocolate Mandarin Lolly made from dark chocolate imported from Switzerland, and Lemon Citrus Tart—made from dark and white Swiss chocolates. These Sunshine Signature items are just irresistibly inviting from the shelves.


Pineapple Boost

Try the Red Door Fruit Cheesecake which I learned from the food staffers was inspired nu a restaurant in Beijing located in front of the East Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is a dessert cheesecake lovers should try.


Chocolate Mandarin Lolly

Sunshine Café also serves a selection of burgers and sandwiches like Tuna Nicoise, tarragon shallot egg salad and more, pastries, ice cream, homemade milkshakes, cookies in attractive jars and wrappings, and dainty black and white chocolate bites that you can’t ignore from the shelves.

P1420260 2

Sip a tall glass of any of the cold pressed organic juices like Green and Lean, Fruit &Vegetable, Pineapple Boost and Simply Pressed, a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables blended as you order.

The Sunshine Café menu also carries a selection of hot or iced tea including Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Affogato and Mocha, hot and iced teas, soft drinks and specialty drinks that they are expecting to be a hit with the locals—tropical fruit smoothie, caramel pumpkin spiced latte and Valrhona Sipping Chocolate. Beer, wines and sparkling wine/Champagne is also available.P1420280 2Sunshine Café’s ambiance makes anyone instantly at home, with its fusion of colors and a variety or art works and frames hanging from the walls to the plush sofa sets and brightly lit lamps. It’s a place to hang out and relax after a long day at work, or satisfy your hunger, or just while time away with your favorite drinks.

P1420283Sunshine Café is located beside Winchell’s in Garapan in front of Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan.  The Café has started to attract locals and tourists since their soft opening on April 21, 2016. For information or reservation, call 670-233-8300.


The name is Roberto’s


THE flash of blue and orange signboard announcing “Roberto’s Café & Restaurant” caught my attention while driving along Beach Road in Garapan on Friday afternoon, and I knew I just had to go back and see what it has to offer two hungry stomachs.



Flying Tilapia

Fried Flying Tilapya

It was past 5 p.m. and I haven’t had anything yet for the whole day except for a couple of cups of coffee. The glass walls gave us a quick glimpse into the inside of the restaurant before we pushed open the glass door— neat walls devoid of any decorations and ornaments, wooden chairs and tables, counters filled with an assortment of nuts.

They handed us a couple of the one-page laminated menu and I immediately saw what I want—flying fried tilapia. Intrigued, I did not ask questions but just waited to see why it was called flying tilapia. My buddy decided he wanted Roberto’s version of boneless fried chicken.

The food staff served us chicken noodle soups in small bowls as we waited for our order. Then my ‘flying tilapia’ was served, answering my question. It was a big one, sliced on both sides making it look like it is flying, and deep fried to perfection just the way I like it. My tilapia set came with a serving of steamed rice, vegetable salad, pickled papaya and finadene sauce.seafood vegetables

A few minutes later, my buddy’s order was served—crispy bite size boneless chicken pieces served on a bed of vegetable salad. It came with garlic sauce and a serving of rice. We dug into our food but did not finish the tilapia. We took the remaining half of it home. For dessert, I got one of the freshly baked cheese tarts. We were halfway into our early dinner when more diners came in, including a family with kids.

Roberto’s Café & Restaurant opened just three weeks ago and they are already getting a good share of diners from both locals and tourists. As soon as the sun started to set, the food staffers pulled the blinds up, giving us a good view of the Beach Road and the IMG_7490Saipan lagoon bathed in gold, red and orange reflections from the sky.

Try Roberto’s specials like lobster which you can order grilled teppanyaki style or steamed, or pair if off with a combination of steak for the Surf & Turf option, and prawns.

Roberto’s main dishes selection include beef stroganoff, hamburger steak, breaded cutlet, breaded seafood platter, seafood vegetables Chinese style, deep fried shrimp, and another must-try—Robert’s special Pakbet Bagnet Filipino style.

The all-dbeef stroganoffay breakfast specials include omelets, local breakfast, French combo, Pinoy breakfast, fried rice in several variations, and pancakes. They also serve various noodles, salads, desserts like banana split, ice cream scoop, cakes and cupcakes.

Steaks are also available in 8 and 10 oz servings. Try Roberto’s version of Angus Tenderloin steak, Angus rib eye steak and Angus New York steak. Roberto’s also serves a variety of pizza like Hawaiian, cheese, pepperoni, four seasons, and Roberto’s Special Pizza—from $15.99 to $19.99.

The food staffers said they will start serving breakfast earlier very soon. Most of the food at Roberto’s are within the $8 to $20 range, and the servings are generous. Roberto’s Café & Restaurant is locatedBoneless fried chicken at the ground floor of the Gold Beach Hotel along Beach Road. They are open everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. They only accept cash for now. For reservations please call 235-BOBS (2627).

Saipan’s Volcano Bar rises


fish fillet

FROM an abandoned structure sitting idle for some time rose the island’s homegrown volcano right in the Garapan, nestled between the DFS Galleria and I Love Saipan malls.

A buddy and I hurried to the Volcano Bar on Wednesday past 1 p.m. for a late lunch, hoping we could still catch up with the lunch hour. It was scorching hot outside but when you push open the heavy wooden door of Volcano Bar, you will be greeted with a relaxing coolness that makes you want to stay forever, or at least until it gets cooler outside.??

We headed to one of the bamboo sofa sets inside and browsed through the two laminated menus the food staffer handed us. There were no more diners as it was almost closing time but we were still accommodated.

From the Volcano Bar specials menu I decided to try the Volcano’s version of Fillet of Fish while my lunch buddy ordered the beef curry.??

Shortly after, the food staffer served a rectangular plateful of fresh green salad, followed by a bowl of mushroom soup topped with croutons. I pushed the salad to my lunch buddy and started on the soup, stopping when the bowl was half-empty. I had to wait for my fish fillet, or else I’d be too full.

The fish fillet—three flaky succulent slices of fish in classic crunchy coating it, was served on a bed of sautéed tomatoes and vegetables and sprinkled with chopped greens for added flavors. The sauce was a perfect dip for the fillet, and I found myself scraping my fish on the sides of the plate to get all the flavors. I ordered at serving of rice to go with my fish fillet. My order also came with a glass of iced tea, not bad for $9.

Served on a round platter, my buddy’s beef curry includes crispy beef cutlets on top of a serving of steamed rice and the curry filling up over a third of the plate. I am not much of a curry lover but I took a spoonful of it to taste, then another and another. It was good, without the usually strong flavors and aroma of curry that I always associate curry with.??

Other must-try dishes in the Specials menu are seafood fry, seafood curry, spinach-bacon carbonara, clam spaghetti with toast, pasta Mentaiko with salad, Caesar salad and chili mushroom spaghetti with toast, all from $8 to $12 per order.

Volcano Bar’s appetizers range from $6 to $9 including chicken wings, chili beef, potato wedge, tortilla chip, onion rings, squid rings, tuna poke, galic octopus and seared diced tuna with tomato.

One best feature when you dine and drink at the Volcano Bar is airy, comfortable ambiance it provides. You can sink in the deep cushions of the bamboo sofas and enjoy happy hours drinking. The Volcano Bar is like an indoor garden, with a mix of native decorations including bamboo seats and tables, thatched ceiling giving you the feel of being inside a native hut. The French windows give diners a view of what’s going on in the busy street outside.??

For those who just want to stop by for a quick coffee or a drink or two, the bar is the best place to hang out, or in one of the two tables shaped like beer barrels and stools near the door.

As an option, you can also occupy the tables outside the bar if you want to be in the open-air.?????? H

Volcano Bar serves lunch from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and happy hours are from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. everyday. Cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations please contact or call K Family LLC at 989-6242.

First published at the Marianas Variety Out to Eat Section.

Refreshing Island Shave Ice

IMG_1278  HERE’S a new and refreshing way to beat the heat — a cool cup of island shave ice at the newly opened Island Shave Ice in Garapan.

Stop by the place just beside ABC Store across from DFS Galleria and you will find a former police outpost converted into a stall providing refreshments at very affordable prices.

I ordered SignaIMG_1288ture Shave Ice — a heavenly concoction of specialty flavors including ice cream, fresh sweet cream topped with white mini-tapioca pearls served in a conical plastic cup. It comes with a small plastic spoon and a straw. Signature Shave Ice is a must-try — the deeper you dig with your spoon, the better the flavors get.

For its initial offering, Island Shave Ice has 14 flavors which include Island Wave, a blend of pineapple, vanilla and passion fruit; Isa Flow — mango, raspberry and vanilla; Tropical Sunset — guava, banana and strawberry; Marianas Trench — banana, orange and watermelon; and Chamorro Coconut — coconut, piña colada and coconut bites. All for $4.50 each.

IMG_1297Also available: banana, coconut, bubblegum, guava, cotton candy, mango, orange, pineapple, passion fruit, piña colada, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and watermelon. All for $4. Add 75 cents for each add-on for more flavors such as azuki red beans, coconut bites and flakes, Oreo crumbs, gummy straws, mini-tapioca pearls and vanilla ice cream.IMG_1295

Island Shave Ice is owned by Patty Mendiola and Andrew Ellinson. Patty’s sister Celeste Mendiola, a pastry chef at Oahu Country Club in Honolulu, flew in from Hawaii to help with the preparation of the menu and flavors.

Patty Mendiola said most of their ingredients are from Hawaii.

Soon, she said, Island Shave Ice will also have ice pops with a variety of flavors for the health-conscious.

For inquiries or reservations, email

First published at the Marianas Variety here

Cozy dining at Tinian Dynasty’s buffet restaurant

IMG_8406FROM a huge conference hall that can house 800 guests, the Tinian Dynasty Casino and Hotel ballroom has been transformed into a buffet restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.IMG_8416
It offers an all-you-can eat selection of international cuisine — Western, Chamorro, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino favorites.Make as many trips as you can to the bread/cereal section for a bite of freshly baked bread and your favorite cereals.There’s also the noodle and main buffet sections as well as the dessert station which offers fresh fruit in season, heavenly cakes and pies prepared by the expert culinary team of food and beverage manager Geoffrey Jones Garcia and sous chef Ramon Apostol comes up for the diners.1 dessert station

With its centralized air-conditioning system, the spacious red, white and gold restaurant allows for a very comfortable yet affordable dining experience.

It’s a place where you get to eat with hundreds of other diners from all walks of life — a nice way to meet people without having to travel far and spend more. It’s where you can feel at home.IMG_8431

At the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, you have other options for an unforgettable culinary journey: Sagano, Dynasty Court, Casino Café & Roulette Bar, Monster Pizza, BBQ Pit and a 24-hour room service.??

The ballroom buffet is open for breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner every day except Wednesday and Sunday.IF

For inquiries and reservation, call Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino at 328-2233 or visit

First published at the Marianas Variety here

Delectable all-day meals at the Broadway Restaurant

breakfast menu

Breakfast Menu

 DINING at the Broadway Restaurant of the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino is nothing new. I’ve been there countless times in the past five years but this time, it was different. Gone were the hundreds of diners who come in for the buffet breakfasts and lunches. We were there for dinner for the first time, after the Broadway was transformed into an ala carte restaurant.

Attentive staffers supervised by Executive Sous Chef Ramonsito Apostol came to assist me and my dinner buddies Chell, Geoffrey and his family.

dinner menu

Dinner Menu

The Broadway Restaurant dinner is a destination fit for someone who has been starving for the whole day. For $15 per person, you can have a feast from the cold selection bar—Caesar Salad, mixed greens, macaroni, potato salad, coleslaw, selection of daily seafood, cheese platter and cold cut meats; Western or Asian soup of the day, bottomless coffee or tea, and a feast of the most tempting desserts in the island.

From the ala carte, we tried the Certified Angus steaks—heavenly slices of Filet Mignon, 8-oz Rib-eye and sirloin steak dripping with mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce and served with mashed potatoes or steamed rice. Spear into the succulent slices of the medium rare beef with its pleasantly tender texture with its marinade penetrating far into the meat and leaving you craving for more.

You should also try the grilled pork chop, grilled lamb chop and island style fried chicken.

I ordered the Catch of the Day, grilled slices of unagi served with steamed rice and tartar sauce. I also ordered finadeni sauce and we all traded slices of each other’s dishes.

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

The dessert station is a temptation bar by itself. Not exactly a dessert lover myself, I was surprised to find all the items not that sweet.

The feast was not over. At noon the next day, Chell and I headed to the Broadway Restaurant again to try the Continental Breakfast which is $15 per person and includes an eat all you can breads and pastries, cold selection, a Japanese Corner where you can get your fill of steamed rice, grilled fish, miso soup with tofu and seaweed, pickles and takwang, and bottomless fruit juices, coffee or tea from the beverage section.

For ala carte you can go Western or Asian. We tried the egg set with you can get any style with a choice of bacon, ham or sausage and served with your choice of hash brown potato, toast, the waffle which became my instant favorite, and the pancake,

For other choices you can go Asian and try the rice congee with choice of chicken, pork, beef or Century egg, the chicken fried noodles or fried vermicelli, or wonton noodle soup.

We also ordered some items from the lunch menu like the beef brisket and the fried rice which, unlike any other fried rice, tasted so good it was a full meal by itself. The salted fish was rarely visible—thin strips mixed into the fried rice but you can taste it in the flavor.

Your $10 lunch gives you free access to an all you can eat selections at the salad bar, Western or Asian soup of the day and bottomless coffee or tea.

salad, cold cuts and desert bar

salad, cold cuts and desert bar

Try the Western ala carte menu and order pasta, the Baccarat Burger or the Club Sandwich, chicken fried vermicelli, Wonton noodle soup.

Chef Ramon said diners who order anything from the ala carte menu automatically get a 50 percent discount for the breakfast, lunch and dinner prices. That means

Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino executive sous chef Ramon Apostol

Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino executive sous chef Ramon Apostol

Tinian Dynasty Food & Beverage manager Geoffrey Jones Garcia said they will be making changes in the menu every now and then, and invites the community to try their mouthwatering dishes at very affordable prices.*?

The Broadway Restaurant opens for breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

For inquiries and reservations, please call Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino at 328-2233 or visit their website at

Coffee, croissants and tarts at The Coffee Room N-106

IMG_7594 (2)ENTERING the Coffee Room N-106 was like stepping into a fabulous private room adorned with exquisite decorations.

While a group of Russians was having coffee and a lively conversation at one of the tables, a friendly food staffer guided me and my companion to the table near the counter and handed each of us a one-page menu. I ordered cappuccino and quickly scanned the sheet hoping to see croissants. I was not disappointed. Our food staffer said the croissants were freshly baked and kept warm, and he was right.

My companion ordered Napoleon Tart which was served a few minutes after his latte macchiato. My companion was not exactly a lover of desserts or anything sweet and it was amusing to see him quickly finish his Napoleon Tart. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary pudding but we were told the tart wIMG_7625as made of 21 very thin layers of puff pastry and alternate assorted delicious fillings and served in just the right size — big enough to fill you and small enough to make you want more.

I tried a bite, thinking it was too sweet for my taste but it was not. It was very good and I had to stop before I finish it. I went back to my croissant. It was warm, crunchy and flaky and not at all oily. It was the kind that melted in your mouth.

The Coffee Room offers a variety of coffee including espresso, double espresso, Americano, double Americano, cappuccino, café latte and latte macchiato — all from $3.75 to $5.50.

It also serves other beverages: signature teas, milk, orange juice, fresh orange juice, apple juice, Aqua Panna, S. Pellegrino and Coca Cola in a bottle.


Napoleon Tart

The Coffee Room likewise serves a selection of sandwiches: cream cheese, salmon, tuna salad, chicken loaf, roast beef and vegetarian.

Sitting hot and freshly baked on the shelves are various flavors of muffins, including blueberry, chocolate, the muffin of the day and assorted mini-muffins.

There’s also biscuit caramel, biscuit chocolate, chocolate cookies and candies.

The Coffee Room and its clear glass walls provide a relaxing ambiance with its blend of quaint   and modern decoration.*?

The glass-topped tables are paired with rattan-backed chairs, frames on the walls, brass and gold statues, bright and colorful rugs on the floor, lanterns on the walls and tables, and glass jars on the counter. There are also tables and chairs outside for those who want their coffee outdoors.


Latte Macchiato

Businessman Igor Karapetyan, general manager of K Family LLC, owns the coffee shop and the building. He was personally assisting and serving customers when we came in.

The Coffee Room N-106 is located on the ground floor of the Family Commercial Building in Garapan across from the Bank of Saipan.

It is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday. Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries and reservations, call 233-3106.

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