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Reef coolers at the Hyatt’s Splash Bar

???     TUCKED away behind the poolside waterfall of Hyatt Regency in Garapan is a nook that not everyone knows about, especially if you don’t venture beyond the swimming pool. The Splash Bar is located in between artistically carved boulders with superb views of the swimming pool and the waterfall.

I have been to this nook several times but last Saturday was the first time that I stayed and decided to try something from the menu.

I decided on the Reef Cooler from the cocktail list, a non-alcoholic cocktail made of fresh banana, orange, apple and pineapple juice which was served in a tall glass. I would have preferred coffee but despite the cold rainy day, the Reef Cooler was so refreshingly tempting. I sipped on it while waiting for my cheese burger which was served shortly, a grilled burger with melted Swiss cheese, a platter of French fries, pickles, tomatoes and onion. The burger was so big for me that I knew from the start I was only going to finish half of it. I took t??he other half home.

The bartenders at the Splash had their hands full with the constant stream of hungry customers, most of them dripping wet from a swim.

The Splash Menu includes a selection of salads, starters and sides, burgers from the grill, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts. Must-try items are the Thai chicken salad wrap, Splash burger, any of the pizzas and more. Burgers and sandwiches are served with fries, sweet potato chips or a side salad, and all below the $15 mark.???

Alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails are also available for $8 to $10. Try the Mai Tai, Golden Margarita, Blue Pacific, Banana Rama, Pina Colada, Long Island Iced tea, Strawberry Peach Daiquiri, Blueberry Bliss, Citrus Cooler, Tropical Iceberg, and Strawberry Jubilee.

A selection of snacks are available for kids include grilled cheese, grilled ham and cheese, chicken nuggets, kid’s burger, chopped salad and peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The food selections at the Splash Bar include just your regular favorites but the ambiance is priceless. You can relax at the bar counter with a cold beer or a refreshing tropical cocktail as you watch a basketball game on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall, listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfall, or soak up the sun in one of the loungers at the poolside with your drink.

You can also have your o??rders delivered at any of the tables near the poolside. It’s one bar where no dress code exists, where the chairs are designed for wet diners. Although majority of their customers are hotel guests or pool users, anyone can walk in and order anything from the Splash Bar.

The Splash Bar is open from 10 a.m. to 5 .pm. everyday. Cards are accepted, and hotel guests can add orders to their room tabs. For more information please call the Hyatt at 234-1234 or visit


Oleai Beach Bar & Grill: Your seaside dining place



Photo by Patrick Horton

IF you’re looking for a restaurant with the best waterfront and sunset view, Oleai Beach Bar & Grill still tops the list on island.After it reopened under new management three months ago, Oleai Beach Bar & Grill has again become an ideal venue for parties and get-togethers, and a place to hang out and enjoy the food and the view.I was there on Saturday for an early dinner with a friend and we were lucky there were still some unoccupied tables near the open windows. There was also a long table at the waterside where you could eat barefoot and let your feet get wet.



Browsing through the menu, I decided to try grilled mahi-mahi while my companion ordered a serving of stir beef with combo vegetables both served with rice for $9.95.

The mahi-mahi slices were grilled to perfection. We were not so hungry but we soon cleared our plates and enjoyed the cool breeze from the ocean.


?? Other choices on the budget menu are beef broccoli, pork chops, sweet and sour pork, islanders BBQ ribs, fried chicken, seafood, grilled salmon and more.

Oleai Beach Bar & Grill also serves a variety of certified Angus Beef steak including tenderloin, ribeye, hamburger steak all served with rice, salad, bread or baked potatoes from $14 and up,??

Check out islander’s hamburger, fish burger or avocado hamburger served with French fries. There’s also a selection of soups, salads, pasta, appetizers such as sashimi, fish, shrimp, chicken and beef kelaguen, poke and other chasers.

If you feel like celebrating, try out the mega-platter and splurge on a six oz. tenderloin steak, whole lobster, tiger prawns and fish served with rice, bread or baked potatoes, salad, seafood soup, dessert and iced tea. The steak and lobster combo or the steak and tiger prawns combo are from $38 and up.

Tacos are also available at $5 for three pieces.20130521_182736

In addition, Oleai Beach Bar & Grill has a wide selection of cocktails, wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks which you can enjoy at the seaside patio or in the bar where you can also listen to live music or watch shows from the LCD screens mounted on the walls.

Islanders Net Inc. chief executive officer and chief operating officer Seiichi Kamegai from Tokyo now operates this popular watering hole.

Oleai Beach Bar & Grill is open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. “Happiest Hours” are from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. — you get free chaser per drink. Happy Hours are from 5 to 7 p.m., dinner time is from 5 to 10 p.m. and bar time is up to 12 midnight. Credit cards are accepted.20130521_182051

First published at the Marianas Variety HERE

Barefoot at the Barefoot Bar

I’D always wanted to check out Barefoot Beach Bar & BBQ at Kanoa Resort in Susupe, but never got around to it, until an impulsive decision took me and a friend there on Friday. Parking was a challenge, but we were lucky to find one spot left.

Barefoot Beach Bar & BBQ is the newest beachfront barbecue place on island. It’s a place where you can take off your shoes and step on the wooden planks and sand.The place was almost filled up when we arrived at past 7 p.m., missing a spectacular sunset we were planning to capture earlier. All the tables by the bar’s edge were taken but again, we were lucky to find one vacant spot near the stage where the After Nine band was playing a lively set.

  ??Cheerful food staffers immediately brought cocktail menus to our table. I had no idea what to order, but my friend asked for margarita and a tray of nachos and cheese. I eventually decided to try the piñacolada and fried chicken wings with special instructions not to make them spicy.

Our drinks were delivered to our table in a few minutes and we started sipping them while waiting for our appetizers. The nachos and cheese were served on a rectangular wicker tray, followed by chicken wings with French fries.


??I took a bite of the chicken wings and had to whistle. I’ve very low tolerance for spicy foods and their version of “not too spicy” was enough to make me cry. I had to sip my piñacolada after each bite.

For other appetizers to go with your drinks, you can try fried onion rings, chicken kelaguen, and fried Shanghai lumpia — all at $6 per order.

Check out the selection of standard mixed drinks: Hawaiian screw, orange blossom, vodka tonic and more at $6, or the premium mixed drinks such as Chivas with Coke, Jack Daniel with Coke and more. Cocktail drinks include Blue Hawaii, Mai Tai, Apple Bay, Mudslide, Cosmopolitan and others.

For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, you can order four seasons, fruit punch, Shirley Temple, mango, pineapple or orange slush. Barefoot Beach Bar & BBQ also serves soda, juices, domestic and imported beer as well as a draft beer per glass or pitcher.



Barefoot Beach Bar & BBQ is a place where can come-as-you-please without worrying if you’re in an appropriate attire. It’s a place where everything is open air, relaxed and time stands still as you breathe in the salty tang of the ocean breeze. You can be barefoot and let the sand caress and massage your ankles as you listen to the live band play your favorite songs. You can also just hang out and talk with your friends without having to shout to be heard.IMG_3243

Barefoot Beach Bar & BBQ is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Credit cards are accepted. For more information call 234-6601 or visit published at the Marianas Variety HERE

Chilling out at Buoy Bar

IFIF there is an ideal destination where you can order drinks and food while being entertained by a live band or cultural dancers, it’s Buoy Bar at the Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio.
I had never thought of having drinks or just hanging out at Buoy Bar. There were always a lot of people coming and going and I preferred the peace and quiet at Seaside Grill where you could gaze at the sea and breathe the salty tang of the breeze while watching the sunset. But one day a friend forced me to sit down at one of the tables at Buoy Bar and ordered a drink for me. Buoy Bar is now one of my favorite hangouts.I now enjoy and appreciate the flurry of activities as I can order anything: not only drinks and tropical beverages but also appetizers and other food from the menu.

s on the beach

Sex on the Beach

While waiting for the start of a media event a couple of weeks ago, I whiled the time away at Buoy Bar, nursing a tall glass of ice tea and a serving of French fries. I got the chance to watch an island show. Leaving my drink on the counter, I joined the group of tourists and locals who watched graceful dancers in grass skirts swaying to the beating of the drums. Anyone could join the dancing and some did.IMG_8789

If you hang out at Buoy Bar at night, you get blinking lights and real torches lighting the pathways. You get to see people enjoy splashing in the pool as you sip your drink, listen to a band playing a variety of tunes from timeless hits to the latest beats. You can even request your favorite song or swim in the pool yourself.

At Buoy Bar, you will never feel alone even if you are.

Check out its beverage menu which has a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails, sodas and other drinks that come with free popcorn.

Buoy Bar is open from 10 a.m. to midnight every day. Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, email or, or call 234-6592 or 235-7981.


First published at Marianas Variety

Lunch specials at Tony Roma’s

IMG_2582OUR stomachs were already grumbling in hunger when buddy Donna picked me up for a late lunch and drove straight to Tony Roma’s in Garapan one Friday afternoon.

I had always wanted to try the food at Tony Roma’s, but I thought it was pricey. If not for Donna, I would not have known that it offered $10 to $15 lunch specials.

Finding a place to park even during late lunch time was quite a challenge, but we finally found one. Inside the restaurant, a food staffer directed us to a table for four near the entrance and handed us a copy of the special lunch menu.IMG_2546

We agreed to try the steak but I changed my mind when I saw the $11 grilled mahi-mahi with pineapple salsa. Donna chose the $10 St. Louis ribs. Everyone raves about Tony Roma’s ribs, so you, too, have to try them.

Our friendly food staffer served us a roll of fresh bread and we munched on it while waiting for our food. A few minutes later, two platters were placed on our table — Donna’s St. Louis ribs: a large, meaty cut of pork rib dripping with Tony Roma’s original sauce and served with a cup of rice, steamed string beans and corn on the cob; and my grilled mahi-mahi served on top of yellow rice with pineapple cubes, a slice of lemon and broccoli.

Despite our hunger, we spent a lot of time taking pictures of our mouth-watering meals. That’s how good they looked.

If you are on a budget, try the other items on the local lunch specials menu which include the apple citrus salad with chicken served with cup soup, kick’n shrimp sandwich, demi glace burger, creamy spinach chicken sandwich, baby back ribs, grilled salmon with tomato pesto and steak lunch with cup soup. Just ask the food staffer about the day’s steak. One more option for thIMG_2536e local lunch specials is the mini-burger trio for $15. You get a mini-buffalo chicken burger, a mini-demi burger and a mini-fried salmon burger plus a serving of French fries.

Tony Roma’s is known for its delicious ribs, seafood and steak.

Dining there is a festive experience with the tables set close together yet still providing some form of privacy

Tony Roma’s local lunch specials are available from 11 a.m. t o 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. It is located at Comete Building on Beach Road in Garapan.

IMG_2576Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, call 233-9193 or visit

First published at the Marianas Variety

Must-try burgers at the N@chan Cafe & Restaurant

THE Chamorro burger and the Teriyaki Oyako burger are two of the must-try burgers on Saipan and they’re found at the newly opened N@chan Café and Restaurant in Garapan.

Chamorro burger Photos by Raquel C. BagnolA burger is a complete meal by itself and finishing everything on the plate especially if you are not that hungry is not  easy.

I had the chance to dig into the meaty delights of both burgers during the café’s grand opening after sipping a cup of their delicious cappuccino.

N@chan’s Tomoko Shimizu convinced me and my coworker to try the burgers.

The Chamorro burger came on a huge plate with homemade patties, Chamorro sauce and served with Chamorro sausage and French fries. We dug into the burger with dainty bites at first, tasting everything on the plate. I skipped the Chamorro sausage as my tolerance for anything spicy is not that high.

A few minutes later, our Teriyaki Oyako burger arrived and I turned my full attention to it. The grilled chicken topped with Japanese Teriyaki sauce was just perfect, deliciously tender and blending well with the flavors of the scrambled eggs and mayonnaise. The Teriyaki Oyako burger also came with French fries and crispy chicken nuggets.

Teriyaki Oyaku burgerSadly, we were not able to finish both burgers as they were too big for us. Lesson learned —next time, come in with an empty stomach before you order a burger from N@chan.

At N@chan the patties are homemade and come with  distinctive flavors. All the burgers are served with French fries and chicken nuggets except for the Chamorro burger, which comes with Chamorro sausage.

You must also try the N@chan regular burger served with lettuce, tomato and onion, bacon cheeseburger which comes with bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion,  and the Okonomi sauce burger served with Japanese Okonomiyaki sauce and cabbage.

If you are really hungry, go for the  Big N@chan which lives up to its name and comes with double homemade patties, lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage.
If you want it hot, try the Chili Burger made with homemade patties and chili sauce.

N@chan is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch, and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Tuesday. For reservations,  call 233-5233.


Steaks, fillets and good times at Round Two Bar

SCOUTING for a place to dine Saturday night brought me and my out-to-eat buddies to this building in Garapan whose sign advertises that it has been there since 1978.

yellow fin fillet

I always thought that the place, an old building with a mix of adobe bricks and bamboo décor and a few tables and chairs outside, is a bar where customers are more interested in playing billiards and drinking beer than eating. I was wrong.

Sure, Round Two Sport Bar & Grill has billiard tables, dart boards, computer games, and huge TV screens dominating the walls and where you may feel like ducking every time a basketball player throws a ball, but they sure serve sumptuous dishes.
It was hard to choose from the two-page laminated menu as everything sounded delicious but my buddies finally settled for awhich is an 8-ounce seasoned beef with grilled onion, gravy and mushrooms for $8.75, and stir fried garlic shrimp for $9.
I made the right choice with the yellow fin fillet. It was perfect — charbroiled and dripping with its natural sauce. It came with toasted bread, a serving of buttered corn, and mashed potatoes with gravy poured over it.
We were not that hungry but we made short work of our dinner, cleaning up our plates pretty fast and not leaving anything edible.
I haven’t had the chance to ask how the bar got its name but for me, it would not definitely apply to the food servings. Round one already left me very full.
Round Two Sport Bar & Grill’s menu boasts of having the best charbroiled burgers on Saipan, although I still have to make another trip to try it. Burgers are from $7 to $9.50.
Try the ¼ pounder or giant ½ pounder charbroiled steer burger, cheese burger, bacon and cheese burger, egg burger, monster burger which is ½ pounder steer burger with bacon, egg and cheese, chicken burger, fish burger and fish burger with cheese.

Medium rare Salisbury steak

Other must-try platters are the $14 New York Angus half pounder charbroiled steak, fried chicken, breaded and deep fried mahi-mahi with tartar sauce, deep fried shrimp, and shrimp sinigang. Price ranges from $8.50 to $14 for a tummy-filling platter. Each order comes with vegetables and a toasted roll, your choice of fries, steamed rice or mashed potatoes. Add $1.75 and you can have baked potatoes with butter and sour cream.
And don’t forget the ever-popular pizza — topped with sausage, pepperoni, cheese, black olives, mushrooms and bell peppers and onions on top. You can order deluxe or premium pizzas in small, medium or large sizes. Sandwiches are also available from $6 to $7 — grilled ham & cheese, tuna sandwich and B.L.T. or bacon, lettuce & tomatoes with fries.
Chasers range from $4.25 to $11 and include super nachos, fries, lumpia, barbeque and more. Freshly cut Yellow fin sashimi is also available, as well as fish & chips, soup and salads.
Round Two Sport Bar & Grill opens at 10:30 a.m. until 12 midnight, or even beyond when the need arises. It is a perfect place to hang out, drink, eat, play, unwind or just catch up with the latest events with friends.
For reservations/inquiries, visit Round Two Bar & Grill in Garapan or call 234-6930 or 233-5706.

Article originally published HERE

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